Please note: Currently due to the coronavirus pandemic and in line with government advice we are offering primarily remote video new and return appointments through Ross Hall. We are regularly reviewing this advice.

FAQ's: patient info


How do I get an appointment?

Most of our patients are either referred by their Physiotherapist or GP. The hospitals and insurance companies usually state that you need a GP letter, but often your physiotherapist may be the person starting the referral process.

What happens at that consultation?

During the consultation we will make a thorough clinical assessment of the problem. Depending on the situation plain X-rays maybe taken at that visit. Occasionally an injection may be carried out.

Will I need further investigation?

The appropriate use of investigations is critical to developing a tailor made treatment plan for each patient. The two most common investigations carried out would be a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan or Ultrasound scan.

When can I return to sport/ activity?

Our aim is to return patients back to their activity as soon as is possible. The length of time depends on the injury and the treatment required. The demands of the particular sport, the healing time of a surgical reconstruction and rate of progress through rehabilitation goals are all factors in the return to activity.

When can I return to driving?

This will utimately depend on what type of operation has been carried out. Where there has not been a repair carried ( such as an arthroscopic subacromial decompression/ capsular release or AC joint excision) the patient will be in a sling for 1-2 days. After that when the affected limb can be raised to the steering wheel and safely maneouvre it will dictate the return to driving. This is usually between 1-2 weeks after surgery.

Where a repair has been carried out guidance shoulder be given by your treating surgeon.

What do I need to tell my insurance company?

It is wise to contact them before any consultation. You will need to get authorisation from your insurer before any scan or operation.