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Education: healthcare professionals

This section gives information aimed at healthcare professionals involved in the care assessment and treatment of patients with painful shoulder conditions.

1st time dislocation of the shoulder lecture

Lecture on 1st time dislocation of the shoulder

Clavicle and AC joint injuries

Lecture on clavicle and Ac joint injuries by Mr AJ Brooksbank

lecture for sports science course

lecture on shoulder injuries

Lecture on acute shoulder injuries

Lecture given by Mr Andy Brooksbank at shoulder and knee meeting kilmarnock on may 27th.

Lecture on clavicle fractures to NE trainees

Lecture on current concepts in clavicle fractures

Lecture on referral pathways for shoulder surgery

Lecture given by Mr Andy Brooksbank at Ross Hall meeting.

Lecture on shoulder impingement

Talk given by Mr Andy Brooksbank on 27/3/12.

Lecture on shoulder instability

Lecture given on when to use rehab or surgery for shoulder instability given May 28th Hampden.