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Injuries to the shoulder fall into two categories; ones which happen acutely due to a single event or ones which occur as a result of repeated use of the shoulder.

The shoulder is a complex joint, in order for it to have a large range of movement there is not the same static stability of some other joints in the body. To compensate for this there are dynamic stabilisers of the joint, such as the rotator cuff.


There are a wide range of shoulder procedures and techniques that can be employed to help you regain full control of this important joint.



In this section we hope to give education for those clinicians treating people with shoulder pain in primary care. There are specific guides on clinical examination of the shoulder.

In the education section, there are also lectures given by Mr Brooksbank, based in Glasgow, which can be viewed on a range of shoulder conditions and procedures.


This site  was created by Andrew Brooksbank who is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon based at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, where he specialises in shoulder surgery.

Untreated shoulder pain can be a source of severe pain and sleep deprivation. The assessment and treatment of shoulder conditions has changed dramatically in the last 10 years.